Interview Celestial Trails   サンフランシスコのアンビエントプロデューサー、デビューアルバムとレーベル経営について語る

Interview - Celestial Trails Up-and-coming ambient producer from San Francisco


This process opens the gateway to surrealism, the unknown, and beyond what we can see.

- Celestial Trails

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お知らせ: 本記事は英語と日本語で掲載されています。両言語の記事は下記よりお読みいただけます。

Episode in English

Celestial Trails, the San Francisco, California-based solo ambient music project of Fluttery Records founder Taner Torun, makes its debut on ''Lunar Beachcomber''.

Celestial Trails paints sonic tapestries layer by layer, seamlessly blending the warmth of organic textures from piano, analog synths, electric and bass guitars with the precision of virtual electronic instruments. Organic recordings are enriched using electroacoustic techniques such as reverb, delay, harmonizing, tape manipulation, and sonic deconstruction. Additionally, tape-manipulated field recordings captured during nature hikes and city walks are seamlessly integrated as another layer.

From seed to final form, Lunar Beachcomber’s recording process unfolded between June 2023 and January 2024. The first recording was in Pittsburgh, PA on a sleepless hot summer night, while the last one took place in San Francisco, CA. All recordings for the album were captured exclusively in these two cities.


For this issue, Music Tribune was able to discuss with an up-and-coming ambient producer from San Francisco.


Music Tribune:


First of all, can you tell us about your biography as an artist? When did you start
making ambient music? How did you connect it to your current form of music?


Celestial Trails(Taner Torun):

My musical journey began in punk and post-punk bands, where we cut our teeth with demos during my late teenage years. In my early twenties, I found myself drawn to the dreamy vibes of post-rock and modern classical music.

As a music enthusiast, I'd always dabbled in ambient music, but it wasn't until 2006 that I truly fell in love with the genre. That year, The Belong's album "October Language" struck a chord within me and I fell in love with ambient music. From there, I went on a quest to uncover more ambient gems, discovering the likes of William Basinski, Tim Hecker, and Rafael Anton Irisarri.

Eager to dive deeper, I set out to get my hands on the gear and software needed to bring my own ambient visions to life. Those early experiments were just the beginning of a thrilling ride into music production, both for myself and alongside fellow artists. 

Music Tribune:


Were you involved in any form of music production before you started your ambient



Celestial Trails:

Back in the summer of 2006, a group of us kindred spirits started messing around with some experimental music. We recorded five tracks together, then finished the album by digitally passing files back and forth. When it felt complete, we uploaded it on this was back when it was a massive hub for music discovery. It caught the attention of a significant audience. Our music found its way onto various experimental channels, earning us our first taste of international recognition. Under the moniker "A Journey Down the Well," I've collaborated with like-minded musicians on three albums.

In 2008, I started Fluttery Records, which became a home for post-rock, ambient, and modern classical talents. Beyond my own releases, I wear multiple hats at the label, mastering recordings and crafting album artwork for both our roster and a select few artists outside the label.


Music Tribune:


We then want to talk to you about your new album. We hear that a few years ago you went hiking in Mount Rainier and other nature-rich places. In what ways did this real-life experience influence your actual music-making?



Celestial Trails:

I have an undying love for nature in all its forms—birds, trees, plants, animals, you name it. Once upon a time, I used to be plagued by incessant overthinking and a cacophony of noisy thoughts rattling around in my head. But now, I've found solace in the tranquility of a quieter mind, and it's brought a newfound sense of joy and creativity into my life.

For me, hiking amidst the wonders of nature is akin to a meditative journey. It's a chance to fully immerse myself in the present moment, to listen intently to the whispers of my creative inner voice. Sure, like everyone else on this planet, I still grapple with thoughts that no longer serve me. But each time they surface, I've learned to acknowledge them and gently usher them away. In this phase of my life, I've made a conscious decision to embrace productivity, creativity, and joy with open arms.

Ambient music, much like nature itself, is all about the ebb and flow. You can find echoes of nature's rhythms in every note—a flowing river, the wind weaving through rocky landscapes, the gentle sway of tree branches adorned with leaves, the rhythmic crash of ocean waves against the shore, the soothing patter of rain, and the harmonious symphony of a meadow teeming with life. It's a mesmerizing tapestry of sound that mirrors the beauty and serenity of the natural world.

Music Tribune:


When I listened to the soundtrack of Lunar Beachcomber, the music as Celestial
Trails seemed to be more in the nature of an electric producer. It's quite elaborately
crafted, including glitchy noises. Are there any musicians that you yourself feel a
kinship with?



Celestial Trails:

Thank you so much for your kind words.

It's truly heartening to witness the growing presence of labels in the ambient music scene, providing a platform for numerous passionate producers to shine. There's an extensive list of labels and artists that I hold dear, and while it's hard to pick just a few, here are some noteworthy mentions. Azure Vista Records, for instance, boasts an impressive roster including the likes of Billow Observatory. Then there's 12K, hailing from New York state, founded by the seasoned ambient music veteran Taylor Deupree. And let's not forget Lontano Series from Italy, which consistently delivers stellar ambient tunes from talented underground artists.

On a somber note, I'd like to express my deepest condolences to the fans of Ryuichi Sakamoto. His untimely departure was a profound loss to the music world. However, he has left behind a priceless legacy, not only through his own musical creations but also through his collaborations with fellow artists—a treasure that will continue to inspire generations to come.


Music Tribune:


On this album, you will not only hear pleasant ambient, but also industrial style noise. Why do you incorporate this type of noise?



Celestial Trails:

Actually, I wouldn't call it industrial noise - I prefer to refer to them as "waves of flow." Most of these sounds are sourced from field recordings I made while hiking in nature.

I enjoy using nature's own sounds as an instrument, and I process them with techniques like tape manipulations and other electro-acoustic methods. I also apply these processing techniques to recordings of traditional instruments like guitar or organ, as well as virtual electronic instruments.

This process opens the gateway to surrealism, the unknown, and beyond what we can see. My goal is to create music where each track and album has its own unique universe. I'm drawn to the edginess of noise in genres like Noise and Industrial Music, but my music is not quite similar to that. I think most listeners will find these "waves" to be a captivating musical experience that they can swim in, whether they're exploring their adventurous side or traveling to other galaxies.


Music Tribune:


We would like to know your opinion on ambient production in general. There are many different elements to this genre, such as depicting soundscapes and healing. What would you say are the essential aspects of ambient production for you?

Celestial Trails:

When it comes to ambient music, I can only speak from my own experience. I believe each artist should find their own path and what works best for them. However, it's crucial not to confine oneself to common perceptions.

There's a tendency to pigeonhole ambient music into certain environments like airports, spas, or elevators, which can be amusingly restrictive. But in the early 2000s, artists like William Basinski challenged these notions, showcasing how ambient music can beautifully reflect an artist's unique individuality. While ambient music often evokes feelings of peace and calm, it's not limited to those emotions alone.

In my album "Lunar Beachcomber," I explore a variety of moods, emotions, and sonic landscapes. Take, for instance, the track "Spell Machine and Manufacturing," which I consider to be a rebellious ambient composition. In any genre of music, my priority is seeking out uniqueness. Although some may not immediately appreciate something different, novel, and original, I believe it's vital in music production to unearth your own creative spark and infuse it into your art.

Music Tribune:


You currently run Fluttery Records. What kind of music does the label deal with? Are there any artists you would recommend belonging to the label?


Celestial Trails:

Fluttery Records is a label that releases captivating music in the genres of post-rock, ambient, and modern classical. I encourage your readers to visit our website and explore the incredible artists we have the pleasure of working with.

Over the past 15 years, Fluttery Records has had the honor of releasing remarkable post-rock, modern classical, and ambient music from talented artists hailing from all corners of the world.

As I'm speaking with the Japanese press today, I'd like to highlight one of our exceptional artists from Japan. The band is called Gargle, and one of the members is my dear friend, Jun Minowa. Gargle has collaborated with the Spanish artist Bosques De Mi Mente on an album called Absence, which features mesmerizing and beautifully crafted modern classical compositions. This collaborative effort is a true testament to the label's dedication to showcasing the most compelling and boundary-pushing music from around the globe.

From the expansive and emotive post-rock soundscapes to the serene and introspective ambient pieces, and the deeply moving modern classical compositions, there is something for every music lover to discover on Fluttery Records.

Music Tribune:


What are your future plans for the label?


Celestial Trails:

We would like to keep doing what we are doing right now. We'll continue to champion our existing roster of artists while also welcoming new talents into the fold, providing them with a platform for international recognition and growth of their fan base. Our commitment remains unwavering: to keep our doors open to talented instrumentalists from every corner of the globe who are dedicated to creating exceptional music. Together, we'll continue to nurture a vibrant community of musicians and enthusiasts, united by their passion for instrumental music.



Music Tribune:


Thank you so much, Taner. I look forward to your future career as an artist and management of the label.

''Lunar Beachcomber" is released today on Fluttery Records.For more information, click here.


Episode In Japanese:

このプロセスは、超現実主義や未知のもの、目に見えるものを超越した何かへの扉を開く-Celestial Trails

カリフォルニア州サンフランシスコを拠点とするFluttery Recordsの創設者Tanel Torunのソロ・アンビエント・プロジェクト、Celestial Trailsがデビューアルバム『Lunar Beachcomber』をリリースする。






今回、Music Tribuneは、サンフランシスコ出身の新進気鋭のアンビエント・プロデューサーに話を聞くことができた。


Music Tribune:



Celestial Trails(Taner Torun):


音楽愛好家として、私はいつもアンビエント・ミュージックに手を出していたんですが、このジャンルを本当に好きになったのは、2006年のことでした。その年、The Belongのアルバム『October Language』が私の琴線に触れ、アンビエント・ミュージックが好きになった。そこから私は、より多くのアンビエント・ミュージックの逸品を探し求めるようになり、ウィリアム・バシンスキー、ティム・ヘッカー、ラファエル・アントン・イリサリなどを発見しました。


Music Tribune:


Celestial Trails:


Music Tribune:




Celestial Trails:





Music Tribune:




Celestial Trails:











Music Tribune:




Celestial Trails:

実は、産業ノイズとは呼んでいません。私は、"流れの波 "と呼んでいます。これらの音のほとんどは、自然の中をハイキングしているときに録音したフィールドレコーディングから得ています。




Music Tribune: 



Celestial Trails:



私のアルバム『Lunar Beachcomber』では、様々なムード、感情、音の風景を探求しています。例えば、"Spell Machine and Manufacturing "という曲は、反抗的なアンビエント曲だと思っています。どんなジャンルの音楽でも、私が優先するのは独自性を追求すること。人とは違うもの、斬新なもの、独創的なものを、すぐに評価しない人もいるかもしれませんが、自分自身の創造的な輝きを発掘し、それを作品に吹き込むことが音楽制作には不可欠だと信じています。

Music Tribune:


あなたは現在、Fluttery Recordsを運営なさっています。このレーベルはどのような音楽を扱っていますか? また、このレーベルに所属のお勧めのアーティストはいますか?


Celestial Trails:

Fluttery Recordsは、ポストロック、アンビエント、モダン・クラシックのジャンルで魅力的な音楽をリリースするレーベルです。読者の皆さんには、ぜひ私たちのウェブサイトを訪れて、私たちが一緒に仕事をする喜びを感じている素晴らしいアーティストたちを探求していただきたいと思います。

過去15年にわたり、Fluttery Recordsは世界中の才能あるアーティストからポストロック、モダン・クラシック、アンビエント音楽をリリースしてきました。



Gargleというバンドで、メンバーの一人は私の親愛なる友人である箕輪純です。Gargleはスペインのアーティスト、Bosques De Mi Menteとコラボレートしたアルバム『Absence』を発表しました。このコラボレーションは、世界中から最も魅力的で境界を押し広げる音楽を紹介するというレーベルの献身性を証明するものです。

広がりのあるエモーショナルなポストロックのサウンドスケープから、静謐で内省的なアンビエント作品、そして、深く心を揺さぶるモダン・クラシックの楽曲に至るまで、Fluttery Recordsにはすべての音楽愛好家が発見できる何かがあるはずです。

Music Tribune:




Celestial Trails:





Music Tribune: