Swelt ニューシングル「I Thought This Winter Never End」をリリース

©Tom Witson

ブリストルのアウトフィット、sweltがニューシングル "I Thought This Winter Would Never End "を発表しました。これまでと同様、アメリカーナやフォークを下地に、インディーロック性を加味したニューシングルです。しかし、バンドとしての細やかな成長を感じさせるものもある。 

 「I Thought This Winter Would Never End 」のプロデュース、ミックス、エンジニアリングは、ユアン・ヒンシュウッド(ケイト・ル・ボン、H・ホークライン、ユングハズバンド)が担当した。









 「I Thought This Winter Never End」


まばらでメランコリックな楽曲のタペストリーを織り成すスウェルトは、フォーク、アメリカーナ、ポストロックの影響を融合させている。Talons、Repo Man、Iceman Furniss Quintetのメンバーで構成される4人組は、2020年にブリストルで結成され、その後2年間、作曲と市内各地での親密なライヴに費やした。


sweltは以前、ライブシリーズ『Dug It Out」 、そして、シングル「My Only Reflect」をリリースしている。



swelt present their new single “I Thought This Winter Would Never End”.

“I Thought This Winter Would Never End” was produced, mixed and engineered by Euan Hinshelwood (Cate Le Bon, H Hawkline, Younghusband).

Talking about the single, lead vocalist and songwriter Reuben Brunt shares:

​”With this song I wanted to create something rhythmic but that continued to value sparse instrumental arrangement at its core. 


I was listening to 60s American folk bands like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and The Roches; I wanted to layer the songs and harmonies I was writing in a similar way. Instrumentally the song unintentionally takes influence from the Velvet Underground with use of distorted violins and guitar.

The rhythm in the last section was inspired by my enjoyment of playing American Old-Time music and the way they often have odd half beats at the end of the sequence to make it feel off kilter."


Lyrically it is exploring loss and friendship. The aesthetic of a long, bleak English winter is taken from a mid-century carol which was the favourite of a lost friend.”
The single is accompanied by a music video made by swelt guitarist Chris Hicks.

Weaving tapestries of sparse, melancholic compositions, swelt meld influences of folk, Americana and post-rock. The four-piece, composed of members of Talons, Repo Man and Iceman Furniss Quintet, formed in Bristol in 2020 and spent the next two years writing and playing intimate shows around the city.

Delicate melody and vulnerability form the core of the band’s atmospheric arrangements, using voices and strings to create open harmony.

swelt previously released the live series "Dug It Out" and the single "My Only Reflect".